CIPMA regularly communicates with Members of Parliament, and provincial politicians, to both engage and advocate on key industry issues.

We are currently working on several important issues including security of fuel supply for independent petroleum marketers, fuel regulations, cap and trade programs and high credit card fees.

We represent our members with government and we also help to encourage and enable our members to reach out to government on issues of specific concern to them.

Fuel Supply

In the event of petroleum supply shortages, there are several stringent regulatory requirements that impede an effective response. CIPMA continues to educate governments on how to improve the security of fuel supply for the benefit of consumers, and is advocating for increased flexibility for marketers during supply shortages.

Credit Card Fees

As Canada continues to have some of the highest credit card transaction fees in the world, CIPMA is actively working with the federal government and industry stakeholders to achieve a reduction in credit card fees for small and medium sized businesses. CIPMA is also a founding and active member of the Small Business Matters coalition, which represents more than 98,000 small business owners nation-wide.

Carbon Reduction Strategies

The federal government and several provinces have introduced carbon reduction initiatives in an effort to reduce greenhouse gases and help reduce climate change. CIPMA continues to influence regulations and to generate awareness as to how these strategies affect petroleum marketers, specifically advocating for a federal carbon tax as opposed to provincial cap and trade regimes.

Retail Employee Safety

CIPMA is committed to ensuring the safety of all retail gasoline employees, and continues to work with other industry associations and local police departments to educate employees on provincial labour standards, including how to manage a drive off without jeopardizing personal safety.

Ongoing Issues Monitoring

CIPMA remains continually engaged on the developments that occur within all levels of government to identify opportunities to engage politicians on key issues affecting petroleum marketers. Opportunities for strategic grassroots media and marketing campaigns are leveraged in an effort to further increase awareness of this growing industry.

There are several other initiatives that CIPMA works on throughout the year, which includes various political meetings, presentations to political committees, and engagement of provincial and municipal leaders. For more information on CIPMA and its advocacy efforts, please contact Jennifer Stewart.