CIPMA’s Full Members

CIPMA’s full members are Canada’s leading independent fuel marketers. They are well respected within the industry and have strong connections to the communities they serve.

They are the key distributors and marketers of petroleum and renewable fuels to the commercial, agricultural, industrial, wholesale and retail markets in every part of Canada.

Collectively, members directly employ over 26,000 Canadians, and indirectly employ another 16,000 through dealers and agents.

They account for over 29 billion litres of sales annually, including almost 50% of all gasoline sold in Canada and almost 40% of all transportation fuel sold in Canada.

They are not refiners and they are not producers.

They are not companies that profit from higher oil prices.

They are small and medium-sized fuel companies who are the backbone of Canada’s fuel distribution and marketing industry.

CIPMA Members operate over 5,500 retail sites throughout Canada under their own banner or the flag of a major refiner.


CIPMA’s Associate Members

CIPMA associate members are the industry’s most important suppliers and stakeholders.

They support CIPMA through their membership fees and sponsorships.

29 billion
Litres of fuel sold/year
Direct Employees
Indirect Employees
Of gasoline sold across Canada
Full Members
Associate Members


CIPMA regularly communicates with Members of Parliament, and provincial politicians, to both engage and advocate on key industry issues.
We are currently working on several important issues including security of fuel supply for independent petroleum marketers, fuel regulations, cap and trade programs and high credit card fees. We represent our members with government and we also help to encourage and enable our members to reach out to government on issues of specific concern to them.