Fuelling Canada’s Future

CIPMA members are located in all provinces and territories across Canada, accounting for 36% of all gasoline sold coast-to-coast-to-coast.

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CIPMA members

F. Dufresne Group
McDougall Energy Inc.

Key statistics


25 billion

Litres of fuel sold/year

Our members account for over 25 billion litres of fuel sold per year.


Direct Employees

Our members employ over 11,000 direct employees.


Indirect Employees

Our members employ over 16,000 indirect employees.


Gasoline sold across Canada

Our members account for 36% of gasoline sold across Canada.


Full Members

CIPMA has 23 Full Members


Associate Members

CIPMA has 32 Associate Members


A proactive approach

CIPMA prides itself on encouraging a proactive approach to creating a more sustainable environment at fuel sites across Canada. Of note, below are examples of the initiatives undertaken by CIPMA members across the country.

LED Lighting Retrofits
Over $300,000 in annual savings
Going Green
Using green products and reducing paper consumption through the use of online applications
Improved Waste Management
Enhanced recycling programs and semi-underground bins
Automatic tank gauging & Strict
Fuel Delivery Procedures
Preventing spills and overfills
Ongoing Maintenance Procedures
Tank inspections
Line testing
Meter calibration
Oil water separation
Strict Potential Leak Investigation Procedures
Routine reviews of inventory

CIPMA Partnerships

Proudly partnered with...

Smart Fuelling strives to provide Canadian consumers with constructive ways to improve their fuel efficiency, which will help them save money and support a sustainable environment through awareness and positive action. www.smartfuelling.ca
The Small Business Matters Coalition was formed to represent the interests of Canada’s small businesses. The coalition is comprised of over 25 trade associations that represent in excess of 97,000 small business sites. www.sbmcoalition.com


Fuelling Canada's Future

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